Q. When should our first service be carried out?

A. It's recommended that the first service is carried out 3-6 months from the date of installation.


Q. Why is the first service so important?

A. Because the installation process will have involved some concreting works, the pumps are often subjected to high lime scale deposits due to free lime leaching out the concrete during the first few months. Lime scale can badly affect the performance of the system and therefore needs to be removed.


Q. How often should servicing be carried out?

A. Most systems will require a service only once a year. However, pumps that are required to work particularly hard or are installed in a high lime scale area may need more frequent servicing. Our Service Engineer will advise.


Q. Do we have to have our system serviced?

A. No. Provided that regular servicing is not a condition of your guarantee or insurance, the decision is entirely up to you.


Q. Do pumps installed in dry basements require servicing?

A. Any space below ground no matter how dry is still at risk of flooding. If this risk were to suddenly increase (for example if there were a flash flood or burst pipe) it is obviously important that your pumping system activates if required.
As with any electromechanical equipment your systems serviceability will be greatly enhanced by regular maintenance.


Q. How long does a service take?

A. Please allow between 1-2hrs.


Q. Do I need to contact you when a service is due?

A. No. If you have registered your details with us we will contact you as and when servicing is required.


Q. An alarm is going. What should I do?

A. Contact us straight away.


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